Next Generation Consulting Services & Solutions

Capital Crux provides next-generation capital markets consulting services and solutions to financial institutions.

Capital Crux provides capital market consulting services through its management consulting, business operations consulting and technology solution consulting practice groups. Its core consulting team members bring a minimum of 10 years of industry domain experience from tier one financial institutions, and are committed to delivering tailed, robust industry best practice solutions.

We also provide first class software solutions to help clients automate, streamline and optimize daily operations and workflows. The intelligent solution features industry proven business models and operation principles to enable clients to leverage current best practices. Our advanced system is easy to integration with any operation which reduces clients’ implementation and maintenance effort and costs.

Strategy & Planning

Every project comes with its unique challenges. With extensive domain knowledge in capital markets, our experienced project managers help clients to manage their projects with proven methodologies and unique perspectives. Our clients’ success is the most important thing to us.


– Solution Proof of Concept
– Vendor Management
– Project Organization Setup
– Project Management
– Target Operating Model Setup

Project Execution

With increased level of competition and tightened regulations in the financial industry, we help our clients to define their strategies to optimize financial resources and streamline business processes to realize competitive advantage.

We do not just stop at strategy level. Our strategy team also work closely with our client to plan and define execution paths to materialize the strategies.


– Market Intelligence Collection
– Strategy and Solution Definition
– Solution Architecture Design
– Infrastructure Planning
– Vendor Analysis & Negotiation
– Project Planning